Tips To Fill The Skip Bins Gold Coast The Right Way

Tips To Fill The Skip Bins Gold Coast The Right Way

You have got a large clean-up project to tackle and now it is time to hire a skip bin to get the whole process started. But what size of skip bins Gold Coast do you require? Are there any restrictions regarding weight? And how can you find out that you feel it as efficiently as possible? This guide will tell you how to fill the best price skip bins in the right manner. 

Choose the right skip bin for your project – Before you hire a skip bin, you need to work out how much space you actually need. Skip bins are available in a range of sizes that matches a range of uses, and prices are dependent on the size you require. If your project allows you to gather all the items you will be putting in your skip bin. Begin by grouping them by shape and size so you can decide what will go where and how you will make the best use of the space. 

Weight restrictions – No weight restrictions are there when you hire a skip bin. For any queries for concrete and dirt, you may ask at the time of booking. 

Avoid the overfilling of skip bin – When loading the skip bin, keep in mind that it cannot be filled above the rim and legally. This is the government’s safety and health legislation part and is really illegal to convey any kind of waste container far off its limits. Overfilled bins are unsafe for travel and so a number of companies will not take the chance of incurring heavy penalties. 

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Pack the skip bin efficiently and tightly – The next step in the process is to you have to pack it in a way that makes the most out of the space you have and fill the skip bin. Start with flat objects like plywood, sheet metal, and unwanted timber that may lie flat and ensure that all lie in the same direction. Next, follow with bulky and heavy items like household junk and old tabletops, break down bigger items like remove any legs and arms from furniture and disassemble the old appliances, large tree limbs into smaller pieces. Lightweight items like old paperwork and green waste can go on top and lastly as you fill the skip bin ensure you distribute the weight evenly to lessen the risk of it tipping over once it is full. 

Ignore air pockets as much as possible – When hiring and using a skip bin, pack it as tightly as possible to reduce gaps and air pockets. Imagine you are slowly filling up the skip, like a jigsaw puzzle, however, in between bulky items, you are slotting in tiny items which will allow you to get the most out of the transport costs. When you pack also try the hollow objects like buckets and tubs with other rubbish, and if you find you’ve got space left then put the old mattress on top so that it makes the perfect lid for the skip bin. 


When it comes to caring for our planet earth, before you start packing the skip bin, take some time and consider if any of the rubbish can be donated, sold, or repurposed.

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