The concept of pirated movies or the sites that provide us those movies is not very old. And we all are pretty much aware of that. We can easily find such websites where we can get our desired movies and shows. And that too without paying any fee or charges. One such website that stream and download movies for free is 0123Putlockers. 0123Putlockers is also are own as one of the most visited websites in the world. Although accessing it is not that easy. This is due to the current piracy laws.

This article will provide you all the information about the 0123Putlockers and its alternatives as well as the proxy servers.

What is 0123Putlockers?

0123Putlockers is one of the most popular online streaming platforms. Here you would find almost all the web shows and movies. Users can either stream the movies online or download them for free. 0123Putlockers do hosts the illegal content, which should not be available on the internet. And this is the reason why the site is not considered legal. It violates the privacy laws as it provides pirated movies and web shows. This is the reason why the site has been banned by the High Court. To get out of this ban, the site keeps changing its domain address from time to time. Here are some of the 0123Putlockers proxy server list.

0123Putlockers Proxy Server List | 0123Putlockers Mirror Sites

0123Putlocker Proxy/Mirror SitesSpeed
https://www7.putlockers.net/Very Fast
https://www5.putlockerr.is/Very Fast
http://www2.putlockers.tf/Very Fast
https://www2.putlocker9.as/Very Fast
http://www6.0123putlocker.com/Very Fast
https://www4.putlocker0.com/Very Fast
https://www3.1putlocker.io/Very Fast
http://www3.putlockerz.io/Very Fast
https://www2.putlockerhd.is/Very Fast
https://putlockersworld.com/Very Fast
http://www2.putlockers.mn/Very Fast
http://theputlockerhub.com/Very Fast
https://putlockerhd.co/Very Fast
0123putlocker Proxies

How to download movies from 0123Putlockers?

We have come to know that 0123Putlockers is a popular movie streaming and downloading site. But not many people are aware of how to download movies from 0123Putlockers. It’s not a very difficult task and anyone can easily download movies from 0123Putlockers.

Firstly, you have to visit the 0123Putlocker website. And then enter the name of the movie that you want to download. The search bar will be right in front of you. After you have searched for the movie. You will be provided with many video links of different video quality. Just select the quality you want to download and hit the download button.

Let’s discuss in details How to download movies from 0123putlockers

Use these below mentioned steps to download movies from 0123putlockers.

1. Use a VPN

The use of a authorized VPN can be vital whenever you’re obtaining the 0123putlockers. Even the VPN utilized from these networks will probably solve many security problems whenever you’re obtaining the 0123putlocker. The licensed VPN signifies that the 1 tube at which the info will likely probably be encoded once travel . Thus, the speech of one’s system isn’t going to be from the format that is open.

Utilizing the real VPN may let you gain get into to the 0123putlocker simpler securely. The system will be tracking your actions during cookies.VPN will obstruct those biscuits means that the task along with also your personal computer basic protection is maintained.

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2. Use Proxy Servers

Let’s discuss why you need to use proxy servers of 0123putlockers

  • Entry into the secured paperwork Proxy servers will be currently aiding the internet web sites to get into the files that are locked. Thus, the proxy servers will be hiding the speech of their end consumers. This usually means that the proxy servers tend to be far more straightforward to gain get into the sealed and secret paperwork.
  • They’re increasing that the host rate along with the addition of bandwidth. The proxy servers have been blocking unauthorized websites, which is hard for end consumers that would like to cover up their own recognition. The host doesn’t permit the high-risk internet web sites to start.
  • Protection advances. The entire media safety is more improved. This implies in case you’re supplying the ability to get into those records. Afterward, a host doesn’t let anybody get. Even in the event that you prefer, then it’s possible to block a few of the internet websites too. These obstructing time might be adjusted in accordance with an individual’s pick.
  • The solitude of these records is maintained. Whilst the proxy servers usually don’t allow you to start the insecure websites, subsequently documents that you don’t need to talk with all anyone. The record’s solitude is maintained.
  • Limit net usages. You may confine the system usages additionally. This implies in the event that you’re curious. Afterward, you definitely may lock the internet sites and also the time of all these programs too. In the event, you would like to employ this in your own home system. Then it’s likewise feasible to put in it.

3. 0123Putlockers Proxy | How to Access 0123Putlockers Proxy

0123putlockers and proxy servers would be the most effective harmonious protocols you may compile to lift your community security whenever you’re worried with your networking safety. Right here we are going to talk about the ways that you are able to employ to bring the proxy servers into your own networks.

There are 2 types of Proxy Servers – You may use some completely absolutely totally free proxy websites, then you might also utilize the superior ceremony too. In other words, the mirror web sites can be obtained depending on the pace along with your website obtaining spot. The proxy would be your optimal/optimally method by that you are able to get into your website with very high performance internet centers. Using these proxy servers additionally reduces the potential hindrance of these hackers.

The movie would be download without any complications. And you can watch it whenever you want. If you are still unable to use 0123putlockers you can use its alternatives mentioned below.

Top 10 0123Putlockers Alternatives

If you don’t find the movie you are looking for on 0123Putlockers then don’t worry. Because there are several 0123Putlockers alternative that you might like it.

These are the top 10 0123Putlocker Alternative:-

1. 123Movies

When it comes to the best 0123Putlocker alternative, 123Movies surely tops the list. 123Movies is also an online streaming platform. And here you can find a good number of movies and web shows. You can either watch them online or download them for free. You can also stream to stream movies online

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2. Popcorn Flix

The a second-best alternative for 0123Putlockers is Popcorn Flix. This site is properly known for providing the latest movies and series as soon as they become available on all the paid platforms. Users don’t even have to sign up or register to download or watch movies.

3. FMovies

FMovies is also a top 0123Putlocker alternative. People love it for it’s easy to use navigation and user-friendly interface. Anyone can easily access the website and user-friendly write movies and web shows. The website is free and you don’t have to pay any kind of the subscription fee.

4. Moviesda

The next one on our list is Moviesda. Moviesda is also becoming popular day by day. And people do consider it as one of the best 0123Putlocker alternatives. People who like to watch Tamil movies, consider it as the best streaming website. You can easily find a huge collection of Tamil movies as well as Bollywood or Hollywood movies.

5. M4free

If you are looking for an easy to navigate movie downloading and streaming site then M4uFree should be your first choice. It is certainly one of the best torrent sites.

The site is well categorized and organized. So you can easily select movies from different genres and languages.

Also if you are watching a movie on youtube and want to download the movie. Here are the top ten youtube converters which can help download movie fast

6. 13377x

13377x also tops the list of best 0123Putlocker alternatives. This site features as one of the most searched sites as well. Users can easily find the site and look for their favorite movies. The interface is friendly and convenient.

7. Flixster

Flixster is also a popular free streaming platform to explore. You can watch movies and web series for free or download them to watch later. It’s too an easy-to-use site. The downloading procedure is quite simple. There are no annoying pop ads (limited ads).

8. IMDB Movies and TV

Although it’s isn’t exactly like 0123Pulocker but it can certainly do the job. It’s not a free streaming platform. But depending on your location, you can find several movies to watch for free. It’s only available in the United States.

9. Netflix

We don’t need to introduce Netflix as one of the best online streaming platforms. Although it’s a fully paid media platform, it surely worth your money. Here you would find several web series, original content, movies, documentaries, etc.

10. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another leading online streaming platform. It’s also a paid OTT platform. But you can find some of the best movies in HD quality. Since it’s a paid platform, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues or pop up ads.

Reasons for Using the 0123Putlockers and Proxy Server

If you are going to visit the 0123Putlocker site, then it is recommended that you use the 0123Putlocker proxy server. The proxy server would act as a gateway between you and the internet. Making your browsing and downloading safe and secure.

Here are some of the reason why you should use the 0123Putlockers and proxy server:-

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1. To control the usage.

One of the top reasons for using the 0123Putlockers and the proxy servers is to control the usage. This would help parents as well as organizations to see and control the activity of children and employees. And to know how they are using the Internet.

The proxy server can help you to identify some sites that you might not want your employees or children to watch. The server would also help you to restrict or deny access to the sites. Users can also block some specific sites using the proxy server. It’s pretty easy to control which sites you want to give access to and which site you want to restrict.

2. To increase the server speed and save the bandwidth

Proxy servers also help to increase the overall performance of a server. The proxy servers work fine and help you to enhance the performance of your server. The proxy server would get the cache of popular sites. So when people ask you to get the proxy server, it will first check whether or not it has a copy of that site. After this, you might need to send a copy of that site. In simpler words, when thousands of people ask for access to a site, the proxy server would provide access. This results in saving the bandwidth and ultimately improving the overall performance.

3. Privacy Benefits

Everyone wants privacy. Whether it’s an organization or an individual. Nobody wants to disclose what they are browsing to the world. And that’s where the proxy server can actually help you. The proxy server allows you to browse more privately on the internet.

This happens as the proxy serves would change the IP address and other such information. This would help get access to the information you have requested. Your destination server will no longer recognize your activity. This will help you to keep your online activity and browsing more private. Your data will be secured forever. This is one of the best reason reasons why should use proxy server.

4. Improved security

Using a proxy server would enhance the security. This means that you should not fear hackers. The proxy server would encrypt your transactions and your browsing history. This would also district the entry of malware sites. Hackers won’t be able to enter and steal your privacy information and sensitive data. Hence it makes your browsing more secure as well.

5. Access to the blocked resources.

Last but not least, using a proxy server would get you access to blocked resources. So if you want to access the websites that are banned in your country, a proxy server would help you. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why people are using proxy servers these days. This is because the proxy server would change the IP address and your location information. So you can easily get access to the sites which are banned in your location.


Here we have mentioned all the things that you wanted to know about the 0123Putlocker site. We hope you have got everything you were looking for. Make sure you check the 0123Putlockers site to watch your favorite movies and web series. You can also check out the 0123Putlockers alternative sites as well.

We have also given the information about the Proxy server and why should use them. Overall we hope you would be satisfied with the information that we have provided in the aforementioned article.

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