Casino game providers are some of the most reputable iGaming companies that stand behind countless reputable casino operators. Here’s who they are.

Casino Game Providers: Which Developers Are Market Leaders In 2021?

The casino industry is remarkably flexible and durable, in no small part thanks to casino game providers. With each new challenge, this sector finds a workaround that helps it persevere and thrive despite adversity. Technology is how this industry achieves this goal, but online casinos are particularly intriguing in this sense. Nowadays, enthusiasts can enjoy countless different casino games at any time and from any corner of the globe. 

However, no matter how much an operator invests in its online platform, an online casino platform depends on the casino software provider. In other words, game developers significantly affect the construction and design of every online casino. If you’re looking to open an online casino, you’ll need to start with the necessary licenses. But the next step will include choosing a casino software provider, which means you’ll need to turn to the industry’s best. So, let’s check them out. 

Casino Game Providers In 2021: What Are Your Top Choices?

The more astute among you will ask a crucial question: why go to established platforms instead of setting up your own? The answer is straightforward in most cases and has to do with costs. Setting up any new business, online or otherwise, comes with significant overhead. An established game provider features tried-and-tested solutions that work, along with a reputation that’s hard to ignore.

Establishing an online casino means you’ll need smooth sound effects, high-quality web development, and top-of-the-line graphic content. Such high standards are usually only available with the industry’s best companies, and Lucky Thrillz Casino is an excellent example. Offering more than 900 games, this provider combines software from several entries on our top developers’ list, which includes:

  • BetSoft
  • RealTime Gaming
  • International Game Technology
  • Net Entertainment
  • Playtech
  • Scientific Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Novomatic
  • MOA Gaming
  • Microgaming.
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This company dates back to 1999 and has since established itself as a household name in the world of online casino software developers. BetSoft is unique in that it specializes in incorporating advanced 3D graphics in ultra-modern gaming titles. The company continuously receives praise for unorthodox and innovative solutions that allow casino game providers to boost their clients’ appeal.

Most online casinos turn to BetSoft when looking to grow their customer base. One of the aspects this company is famous for includes the highest quality of work. Platform maintenance and stellar support are also synonymous with this provider.

RealTime Gaming

RTG is primarily famous in the United States as a highly reputable sports betting solution and casino software provider. You’ll find no less than 300 different gaming titles from this company, all of which feature jaw-droppingly crisp sound and graphics. One quality commonly associated with RTG’s creations includes mind-bending themes.

When it comes to the best casino game providers of 2021, RealTime Gaming’s contenders include the legendary It’s Good To Be Wrong and Mid-Life Crisis. This developer also offers betting software to bookies and is a significant player in the sportsbook software market. 

International Game Technology

You will have heard about this company more frequently under its traditional moniker, IGT. This company is famous for numerous creations, but some of its most popular titles belong to the video slots category. The unifying characteristic in games that lets players know IGT stands behind them is unprecedented motion and video quality. IGT’s most recent iconic titles include Pharaoh’s Fortune, Wheel of Fortune, and Monopoly.

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Net Entertainment

If you’re looking for the most widely used online casino software today, you’ve just found it. NetEnt’s creative cauldron has given birth to more than 200 gaming titles and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The company’s fame is more than reason enough for its confidence.

Additionally, this developer averages around 25 different models and versions of progressive jackpot slots per year. Besides being among the most legendary casino game providers of all time, NetEnt is also among the most prolific.


This game developer’s products have made their way to online casinos worldwide, and with good reason. Playtech is at the top of the list for success, thanks to more than 600 cutting-edge casino games to date. The best part is that this developer’s creations operate across casinos, live dealers, and mobile gaming platforms.

When it comes to the most creative casino software creators, Playtech is on every list. Examples of its games include Holy Grail, Jackpot Giant, iPoker, and more. Incentive and high-bonus deals are typical features in this provider’s games.

Scientific Gaming

If you prefer bingo and arcade titles instead of classic online casino games, look no further than SG. This company also dabbles in sports betting solutions and is most readily available in UK online casinos. If you’re looking to try some of its creations, we suggest The Legend of Bigfoot, Mighty Black Knight, or Anchorman.

Evolution Gaming

It’s challenging to find a more reputable and famous online casino game provider than Evolution gaming. This company is all but synonymous with the term “online casino” and focuses on live games. 

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If you like enjoying such titles, you’ve likely played the company’s Live Dealer Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and other games. This provider is in its own class regarding quality and reputation, which leads to many online casinos using only EG software.


High-definition slot enthusiasts will have played a Novomatic creation or two. This developer holds more than 250 slot titles in its portfolio but doesn’t focus on this game category exclusively. If anything, Novomatic’s trademark features include smooth sound effects and high-quality graphics. Examples include Diamond 7, Asian Fortune, Gold of Egypt, and more.

MOA Gaming

If you were to single out just one thing about this company’s products, the answer would likely be adaptability. MOA’s platform is easily adjustable to betting providers of all sizes. Data protection is a specific priority for the company, and the market recognized this approach. Consequently, the sports betting industry was among the first to give this company a chance to prove its worth. Today, the iGaming sector values MOA gaming as a rising star.


This software developer needs no special introduction because its reputation speaks for itself. Microgaming originated in 1994 and has been the first company to develop bookmakers’ online betting software. Therefore, much of the industry refers to Microgaming as “the father of online casino software providers.” 

You’ll find thousands of different casino games under the company logo. Some of its creations include Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, and Mega Moolah. However, this developer also continuously puts out hundreds of variations, many of which redefine industry standards. As a result, Microgaming stands as one of the most impressive casino game providers of all time globally.

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