Top 5 Best Food Delivery Apps in UK

Food Delivery Apps in UK

Today, everything is delivered directly to our doorstep Furniture, clothes packaging, food items, and even packages.

The market for food delivery is growing across the globe and UK is not an exception.

This article we’ll learn about the most effective apps for food delivery services in the United Kingdom, and the reasons why they became so popular.

Food Delivery Market Overview

Food delivery is increasing more quickly than ever before, displaying an increase of 10% compared to just 1% growth in visits to restaurants According to the NPD Group, although meal prep companies are also witnessing the growth. Food delivery’s revenue in 2018 grew to $6.478m and is predicted to only get to a higher level. This rapid growth is the primary reason that has prompted many startups and businesses to create an app for ordering food on the go.

A growth rate of annualized growth from 2018 to 2022 is predicted to be around 16%, which could yield more than $11 million in market value by 2022. The majority of requests for delivery of food are being made online, and the use of mobile applications is increasing as they are much faster and simpler.

Although the majority of people prefer to contact restaurants to place an order, experts claim that it’s the result of habit. People are becoming accustomed to ordering a variety of products via a website or mobile application and this trend is beginning to transform the market for food delivery and also. A growing number of people are ordering via apps.

Why are they so good? They allow ordering food quick and eliminate the need to call. Furthermore, mobile apps make use of the hardware on your device to provide the necessary information regarding geolocation. They can also sync all information between delivery services as well as a restaurant customer.

Types of Delivery Services

There are two kinds of delivery food service:

  • Aggregators
  • New delivery
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Both allow users to select an eatery, browse through menus or write reviews and then place an order quickly. There is however a difference.

Aggregators are middlemen who are taking orders from customers and handing them over to restaurants. Delivery in this instance is the responsibility of the selected restaurant.

In contrast, the new delivery services, as well as the ability to create an app to deliver food are essentially the same however, they also take complete accountability for delivery by constructing their own delivery logistics to guarantee the most efficient delivery. This is particularly beneficial for restaurants that do not employ their own delivery drivers.

Aggregators were first introduced in the past, and are a more conventional type of food delivery service. One of the advantages of these services is that customers don’t need to be charged for their service, since restaurants provide the delivery service themselves. Fixed margins are paid for by the restaurant.

It is rare for this model to attract new entrepreneurs because there are a few major players such as Just Eat. There are usually three or four dominant companies of this type in any country.

The new delivery service has more chances to draw new customers and serve more restaurants since it is responsible for delivering food items to their customers at their homes. This allows them to provide deliveries from top-quality restaurants that don’t typically provide their food to customers.

New delivery companies earn money by aggregating the money of restaurant patrons and their customers, although the fees from customers are always low. Of course, new delivery companies have to spend more effort and resources on managing their logistics however, this type of service is gaining popularity and continues to attract new players.

There are numerous delivery services in the UK We’ve collected the most well-known ones. Let’s look at what exactly they are.

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Top Best Food Delivery Apps for the UK

1. Deliveroo

Google Play

App Store

Deliveroo is regarded as to be the most popular choice for people across the UK due to everywhere your travels take you, there’ll witness their delivery drivers on bikes carrying boxes of tasty food items.

Deliveroo will deliver food from a variety of restaurants. Unlike other delivery companies, it provides meals from the most luxurious eateries within the cities. Because it’s a new type of delivery service, Deliveroo handles all the transport on their own. They regularly hire riders who travel around cities on vehicles or bicycles and bring food directly to the door of the customers.

Deliveroo was established in 2013 and is now it is not just operating in the UK however, but also across twelve other nations. In the United Kingdom, it operates in over 84 towns and cities. The expansion of this service is remarkable: in 2016, it was up by 650%.

2. Just Eat

Google Play

App Store

Just Eat is also an international food delivery service that aims to create the largest food-related community in the world. Just Eat already works in 13 countries across Europe, Asia, and East and North America. Contrary to Deliveroo which is thought to be more elegant, many customers prefer Just Eat for some standard meals. It is a great service with wide coverage, and delivery is swift, so if have a craving, Just Eat got your back.

Just Eat has many options to pick up and deliver you can pick from.

3. Hungry House

Google Play

App Store

Hungry Horse is a British food delivery business that was been purchased from Just Eats in 2017. The company was acquired by Just Eats in the first quarter of 2018. they started working together. Hungry House is relatively small in comparison to the likes of Just Eats or Deliveroo, but it still has more than 10.000 restaurants to select from and is known for its reputation as excellent and reliable service.

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4. Food hub

Google Play

App Store

Food hub delivers from restaurants as well as takeaway. One of the best things about Foodhub is that they don’t charge commissions, and this means better rates for both restaurants and customers. This helps businesses grow since they don’t have to shell out a large amount of money as they do with other food delivery platforms. Also, there is no charge for service for orders, which other platforms typically have.

They offer a variety of eateries which you can pick from based on the location you are in.

5. Uber Eats

Google Play

App Store

Everyone has heard of Uber as a driver service However, when food delivery became increasingly popular across the globe, Uber decided to get involved in the food delivery industry too. The company launched Uber Eats at the beginning of 2014 and it soon became the most profitable component of Uber. In just one year, from 2016 to 2017, the number of rides increased by 27 times.

Uber Eats offers delivery from several restaurants. You can browse their menus and select the food you prefer. Once the order has been placed you will be able to track the status of delivery in real-time. Additionally, food delivery can be made via bike, car or scooter in accordance with the location of the city.

Final Thoughts

These are the most well-known food delivery services currently available in the UK. Each of them offers its own delivery services since it allows a wide range of possibilities for restaurants that do not deliver food on their own.


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