Top 7 Advantages of Studying Abroad


Every year thousands of people decide to take the plunge and embark on the adventure of studying abroad, an unforgettable experience that also has countless benefits on a personal and professional level. Improving your communication skills, expanding your ‘networking’ or increasing the value of your Curriculum Vitae are just some of the advantages of this wonderful adventure. Discover them!

  1. Learning another language, a plus in your CV 

Today the knowledge of a second language has become one of the most requested requirements in the job market. Speaking English, for example, adds value to the Curriculum Vitae, a key capable of opening the doors to the job of your dreams. Therefore, studying in London, Paris, Berlin or other English-speaking cities guarantees you an optimal learning of the native language, which you will master in a matter of months thanks to linguistic immersion, that is, exercising the language 24/7.

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  1. Expand your network of contacts 

Another of the great advantages of going abroad is the possibility of establishing relationships with professionals in your niche. In this way, you will create an agenda with very useful international contacts, which will make a difference in your ‘networking’ and work success. In addition, you will get to make friends for life, and you could even find your better half.

  1. Better communication skills

Various studies have shown that public speaking embarrassment is one of the main obstacles when it comes to learning a language. However, those who overcome this difficulty and develop their communication skills, acquire greater determination, security and leadership skills, three qualities that are almost essential to succeed in all professions.

  1. Benefit from a new (and better) educational system 
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If you study in the universities that are listed in the most prestigious tops in the world, you will be able to study in an excellent educational system, which will benefit you a lot. Beyond mere investment, you should know that innovation, quality and the concept of continuous assessment are the keys to the British educational system. However, other teaching programs, such as those in Singapore and Shanghai, place great importance on achievement and know how to get the most out of their students. Finland, for its part, leads the PISA report, largely because of the excellence of the teachers and their ability to motivate students. As you can see, each system has its advantages and strengths, so do not hesitate to benefit from them.

  1. Meet incredible places and people 

The places where you study have a lot to offer you beyond the academic field, since they allow you to get to know and integrate into an unknown culture. You will discover first-hand customs,  festivities and idiosyncrasies, which little by little will enrich you on a personal level. Thus, you will return home with a valuable bag of memories and experiences.

  1. Break with the routine 

Maybe, you have long since lost motivation in your studies or in your work. An academic stay in a foreign country can be a turning point in your life, breaking your routine and giving you that ‘pat’ on the back that propels you towards extraordinary horizons.

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  1. Maturing and self-realizing 

Learning to manage your money, manage your expenses, and function in an unfamiliar environment without family support is not something that is learned overnight. During the first few weeks it can be tough, but it won’t take long to get used to and extract the flavor of this independence. For sure, a unique opportunity to self-fulfill, mature and improve enormously as a person.

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Additionally, coming into contact with a new culture, ideas and mentality will provide you with perspective regarding your country, which will help you overcome prejudices and be more tolerant. What do you think of these advantages of studying abroad? Could you add any more? Share your opinions!


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