Relive WoW TBC gold moments of riding and recall which mounts are the best.  

The Burning Crusade is a special time for WoW mount enthusiasts, as it’s when flying mounts were first introduced in the game. At the same time, the new ground mounts weren’t too shabby either. And now that the WoW TBC gold experience is happening all over again, it’s time to revisit the expansion’s top steeds. 

Gryphons and Wind Riders 

The first time in anything is often the most memorable, so it should be no surprise that this list starts with the first flying mounts players get. Those in the Alliance get the iconic and perfectly fitting Gryphon, while those in the Horde gets the Wind Rider mounts, which look like wyverns with lion-like heads and saber-tooth fangs. 

They’re one of the slowest flying mounts, but you have to cut Blizzard some slack since they are the first of their kind. Plus, they have rather great designs that reflect both factions. So surely, veterans with a WoW TBC Classic Account are going to be happy riding them for the first time all over again. 

Purple Elekk 

In later expansions, tall mounts became more and more common. That is why the Purple Elekk is one of the special WoW TBC Classic items. Even though it is either race-specific or only for Alliance players that reached Exalted status with the Exodar, it has become one of the more easily recognizable WoW mounts of the expansion. After all, no other ride that made players feel they’re way above others. 

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Swift White Hawkstrider 

The Hawkstrider was an exclusive mount to Blood Elves and Horde players exalted with Silvermoon City. Alliance players and non-Blood Elf Horde players, however, had a way to get their hands on the bird: the Swift White Hawkstrider. 

It’s almost the exact same flightless bird, except it looks more elegant. And rightfully so, as the only way to get it is as a drop from the Magister’s Terrace dungeon, which is a 5-man raid in the island of Quel’Danas. Upon beating the final boss, players have a slim chance of getting the mount, along with the Orb of Sin’dorei, a fun toy that allows users to pass as a Blood Elf. 

Silver Riding Nether Ray

The Silver Riding Nether Ray is one of the faster flying mounts. That speed, however, comes with much time and effort in grinding, as the WoW mount requires players to work hard to increase their reputation with the Sha’tari Skyguard. Only then will they be able to buy it for 5,000 WOW TBC Classic gold. In the Burning Crusade, such a price is nothing to scoff at. 

The time and energy investment, however, is worth the speed one gets to enjoy when they finally get this mount. Plus, it is a rather elegant-looking WoW mount, save for its ferocious-looking head. Then again, if the head is doing it for you, then why not? What matters is that you enjoy the ride.  

Cobalt War Talbuk

Another mount that has to be grinded reputation with a faction first before it can be bought is the Cobalt War Talbuk. However, unlike the Silver Riding Nether Ray, the faction players will have to grind reputation for depends on what side they’re on. For the Alliance, they’ll have to go with the Kurenai, while the Horde will fittingly have to go with the Mag’Har Orcs. 

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As the name suggests, the mount is a beautiful metallic blue, and is made even more elegant with its helm, which in turn comes with a swept-back golden horn. Seems like despite their many disagreements, which is an understatement, both the Alliance and the Horde can agree that the Cobalt War Talbuk is one beautiful mount that one must have. 

Onyx and Azure Netherdrakes

How can we have a list and not include the Onyx and Azure Netherdrakes? These reputation-locked flying mounts are one of the first-ever dragon-like mounts in World of Warcraft, and for that they are extremely popular. 

In fact, they are pretty much symbols of how dedicated players are to the game. Unfortunately, they aren’t too smooth in the flying department. But like what’s been previously said before, you have to cut Blizzard some slack. 

Cenarion War Hippogryph

Ah yes, the Hippogryph, the Night Elves’ more enchanting-looking answer to the Gryphon. The Cenarion War Hippogryph, however, is not only limited to Elune’s worshippers and their friends, as the Horde had an equal opportunity to get this beautiful flying mount. To get one, players need to become exalted with the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh. 

Players that aren’t too fixated on a dragon-like design and want a more traditional and lore-faithful WoW mount should go for this one. Heck, this Hippogryph flies better than drakes. 

With a wide plethora of rides to choose from, which ones are you going to be your mount? Don’t tell us; show us when we see you in Azeroth instead. 

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