Top 7 Fundamental Valorant Tips for Beginners


Are you sick of Reyna dominating you in valorant? Are you looking forward to getting out of Iron 3? We have tips for all you beginner players out there that would come in handy. Remember that in this game, each agent is a unique one. Each has its range of abilities and is unique in its own way. 

Thus our advice here will include a quick rundown of absolute basics. Of course, there will be a handful of some advanced Valorant Cheats, some intermediate, and little sophisticated suggestions that players can use to the best of their advantage. 

  1. Stay still when shooting.

This tip is the most important tip for beginners, despite how streamers can count upon exterminating enemies whole strafing. Most Valorant are unaware and unacquainted with the crazy speed at which one player can perish in a tactical FPS. 

You cannot absorb attacks because the majority of the time, you can die with just a few bullets. Remember that each shot is pivotal, and accuracy is essential. Battles depend on your potential to target the enemy with the attacks instead of your capability to dodge theirs. 

  1. Walk carefully and slowly 

Within the industry of FPS, Battle Royal has the maximum rage, citing COD’s popularity along with Apex Legends and several others. This playstyle involves sniping operations in wide-open spaces, and the face-to-face duels happen occasionally. Gunning and running is often rewarded and it is not necessary to use cover.

  1. Ads and crouch for improved accuracy 

An upstart VALORANT player’s best friend is ADS which stands for aim down sights. Use ADS while crouching to improve the accuracy of your firearm with the added advantage of making yourself the smaller target. This technique slows down the fire rate on all submachine guns, heavies, and rifles. 

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But, the concentrated fire is a lot effective at sending off the foes when compared to the substitute of praying and spraying.  ADS is not as beneficial in short-to-mid-range conflicts where the deciding factor is speed. However, most beginners get tense and forget their composure in these situations. Thus the best thing you can do is start off the aim down sight training wheels.

  1. Always purchase armor 

Purchasing abilities and weapons in VALORANT must be done strategically if you have limited CREDS or budget. However, unless you are a broke for cash, armor must always be bought before you begin a match. This tip is particularly true for beginners who soon learn that the default 100 points disappear after taking minimal fire. Armor helps stay a player in the game for long, which means you have more time in hand to learn the ropes. 

  1. Sound is crucial 

Walking is a better option than running because a walk is quieter. Keep in mind that more noise you make will have the enemy locate you on the map and decimate you and your squadmates. Running is not the sole offender in this game. Jumping, shooting, and utilizing specific abilities like diffusing a bomb can be eavesdropped by the enemy ears, and worked on. 

Valorant is a stealth game in many ways. You have to make choices to distract the ambiance deliberately. A pro tip will be to pull out a knife if you want to maintain silence while moving faster.  

  1. Play with the team

Victory in this game is decided by how coherent a five-member team was. It is ultimately decided by how well they coordinated to outmaneuver enemy teams. You have to use this strategy on the battlefield by communicating the enemy positions for confusing and eradicating the opponents. 

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But, something that is not so apparent is that selfish choices like purchasing abilities, armor, or weapons can affect the game. For instance, if you bought the weaponry of the highest caliber in the very first round,  remember that everyone in your team saved their money. 

Being a beginner, you will anyway die, but your chances are certain because teammates are stuffing pistols. Now, you are left with no money, and you also lost your weapon after death; you will somehow be more useless than earlier. 

  1. Master recoil patterns 

This tip is related to the accuracy of shots. We suggest trying out as many weapons as possible in the beginning stages so that you are comfortable with your choices. Choose a few guns that match your playing style. 


Beginners fail to make economy plans. While some players purchase expensive weapons, others cannot afford a pistol even. Thus, always discuss your economy plan with your squadmates use the abilities for support. We hope you follow these tips because you will be loaded and locked with the start of the real action if you do.


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