Oracle is one of the few companies that offer many different software and hardware solutions, designed with the sole purpose of simplifying IT in mind. It is truly a tech giant with unprecedented reach and influence in the tech world. Oracle has an extensive certification program with six levels that span almost nine different categories. 

Oracle has nearly 200 various certifications underneath its belt. If an Oracle certification were money, it would get you very far in the current tech climate.

Oracle Certifications: An Overview

There are nine different categories of certifications that Oracle offers:

  1. Oracle Applications
  2. Oracle Cloud
  3. Oracle Database
  4. Oracle Enterprise Management
  5. Oracle Industries
  6. Oracle Java and Middleware
  7. Oracle Systems 
  8. Oracle Operating Systems 
  9. Oracle Virtualization

These nine categories are further divided into six certification levels as given below:

  1. Junior Associate
  2. Associate
  3. Professional
  4. Master
  5. Expert
  6. Specialist

Top Oracle Certifications

  • Below are some of the most sought-after Oracle credentials that you can avail according to your field expertise level. 
  • Oracle Java Certification

It is a certification that helps you build foundational knowledge and understanding of Java. It is also one of the few certificates you must acquire to demonstrate that you can become a professional Java Developer. 

To get an Oracle Java certification, you will have to be familiar with the concepts in both the Java SE 8 Programmer 1 and the Java SE 8 Programmer 2. These are also essential certifications to attain to become a top-level Java Developer.

  • Oracle Cloud Certification

Many Oracle cloud certification are available for those who want a beginner’s introduction into cloud computing and those who already know the basics but are looking to get certified to cement their knowledge. 

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The beginners’ examination is called the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Foundations Certification exam and is the perfect certification to segue into cloud computing.  

  • Oracle SQL Certification

The Oracle SQL certificationis an exam that focuses on the fundamental concepts of SQL; it is these concepts that are crucial for any database project undertaken. Passing this exam will give you knowledge in queries and updating, inserting and deleting SQL statements. 

Moreover, it also gives you knowledge about Data Control Language and Data Definition Language. The Oracle SQL certification is suitable for those who have a general understanding of computing concepts, command-line interfaces and working command line.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certification

It is a certification that will make you an Oracle Certified Associate. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certification gives you the core foundation skills needed to navigate and build a cloud platform. 

It shows your clarity with the basic skills and your progress in using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. This certification is scheduled to be re-released in April 2021.

  • Oracle Database Administration Certification

Many candidates who wish to become Oracle Database Administration Certified Professionals undergo Oracle trainingso that they have the best chance of passing the exam and taking up more prominent job profiles in the IT industry. 

Your job as an Oracle Database Administration Certified Professional would include:

  • Installing
  • Upgrading and patching up the Oracle database for a standalone server
  • Using a recovery manager for a database duplication
  • Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification 

The exam is designed for those who have a healthy base in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud and wish to sell Oracle HCM Cloud service solutions. It covers everything from profile management, actions, workflow, approvals, notifications and checklists to people management.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Architect Professional Certification
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The certification is used as the next level for all those who have already attained the OCI Architect Associate. It is a stop on the way to becoming a professional level OCI architect. Once you earn your OCA certification in this field, you can start preparing for exploring its advanced-level concepts and become a professional.

With this certification level, you can get a strong start in your IT career and avail of expert-level job profiles directly.


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