Top Reasons You Should Visit Mahabaleshwar


Once well-known as the summer capital of India in the British Raj, this hill station of Mahabaleshwar has a lot to offer than you may even imagine. Mahabaleshwar is not just a summer destination, it is much more than its stunning weather in the summers. Spotted nearly 120 kilometers from Pune and 280 kilometers from Mumbai, this is a sure go-to destination year-round.

As the place witnesses a great footfall, you must book your  Villas in mahabaleshwar well before you plan a trip there. What is the point if you do not get the place to stay and you need to postpone your visit because of unavailability of rooms? After all, the destination is a great fascinating for everybody and people of all age groups adore to visit this destination.

Don’t Miss out on the Strawberry Farms

The strawberry farms at this place are, truly , a real paradise once you visit Mahabaleshwar. Many locals have opened their strawberry farms to visitors and tourists. Some people do permit you to pluck the fruits (in case the correct time and season) and also own farm-fresh strawberry desserts to treat your taste buds. Moreover, fresh carrots are even a well-known eat here.  

Check out Old Mahabaleswar

Mahabaleshwar includes three villages  namely Old Mahabaleswar, Malcolm Peth and that of Shindola Village . However, most of the sightseer places are in Old Mahabaleswar which is a Kshetra. The foundation of the River Krishna is believed to come from the mouth of a cow that is carved in the old temple at this place. Similarly, there are four other amazing rivers that flow out of the spout  that encompass Koyna, Savitri, Venna, and even that of Gayatri. The Panchganga Temple signals both locals  and tourists as fans’ multitude to get a darshan of the river. The site is always charming and enjoyable.  So, in case you like new places that have a different aura then it is a convincing reason to visit here.

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Relax at the Venna Lake

Venna Lake in the realm of Mahabaleshwar is a well-known spot among tourists for the diversity of food and experiences on offer. To take a boat ride at Venna Lake is one of the amazing experiences and it is full of a picturesque view. However, you can even experience boating only between the months of October and June. The lake is most of the times closed during the times of monsoons. Anyhow, in case you are lucky enough, you may find the lake open and you may have a great time therein during your visit to  Mahabaleshwar. After all, the natural charm of some spots is always worth-experiencing.

Enjoy the Activity of Trekking

In case you love to do adventure then Mahabaleshwar is not going to dissatisfy you in any inch.  After all, it is a well-known spot for trekking as the destination provides you with sufficient terrain to go out on an adventure. The spot is packed with surprises, mainly during the monsoons and a little after monsoon time. The boundless waterfalls, different views of the Krishna River, valleys and dams and the adjoining tiny villages make the campaign somewhat an experience. The Pratapgadh Fort situated nearby is even quite a spot to explore. Hence, in case you count yourself as a trekking person then this destination will be surely going to get you enjoyment in abundance.  


Pratapgad Fort is another wonderful spot to explore once you are in Mahabaleshwar. The stunning fort is extensive in historical significance and it gets you unmatchable views. Placed strategically on a hill-top, the wonderful fort was originally constructed by Maratha rulers in the year 1665.  Moreover, as this spot has seen one of the fiercest battles in the history known as battle of Pratapgad, the fort is now in shells. But it does not mean you must not visit this spot. The surrounding beauty  it has coupled with heritage value fascinates people till date.  You can easily make a great time in this spot and capture amazing pictures too. No matter with friends or family, the spot will entertain you for sure.

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When you are here, you can explore the gorgeous Mahadev temple in the upper fort, amazing Goddess Bhavani temple in the lower fort, and the holy dargah of Afzal Khan in the vicinity.  

Elephant’s Head Point

Since the name says it all, Elephant’s Head point is a piece of mountain that uncannily look like the picture or shape of an elephant’s head. It is even popular as the needle point and is one of the most chief places to visit in Mahabaleshwar for couples. Quite a well-known place to go to in Mahabaleshwar, the place is a perfect spot for picnic in fresh air, with beaming sun and scenic attractiveness circling the hill-top. 

Moreover, in case you love coolness and peace then this spot is one for you. It is a stunning and tranquil place with refreshing views from the top. Out of all the Mahabaleshwar tourist spots , this place is the most delighted one. From here, you can relish the spectacular view of the Sahyadri Range as it pampers the beholders.

Parsi Point

In case you are a nature and beauty lover then Parsi Point is a wonderful place for you. The spot has been named after the Parsi community since it was a favored tourist spot among them for its unreasonable beauty and stunning landscape. You easily can receive a nice valley view of the Krishna river valley from here.  You can even take telescopes if you want to get a closer view of the valley. 

Furthermore, it is one of the finest Mahabaleshwar places to go to. An ideal picnic spot, the Parsi Point is good to hang out with family and friends. The breath-taking views of the both sunrise and sunset are awe-inspiring.  In case you plan a visit to Mahabaleshwar then this spot should definitely not be missed. After all, who doesn’t wish to experience some splendid sites, stunning environment, and lovely surroundings? Remember that the stunning view of the sparkling backwaters of Dhom Dam and the lavish green Krishna Valley is going to pamper you for sure.

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So,  if you are already very excited to go to this amazing destination, make sure you book your Villas in mahabaleshwar in advance. After all, a cool and refreshing trip is not possible in the absence of warm and comfortable stayover.


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