It is indeed true that sports betting is not the easiest form of gambling. Then how is the industry at large with so many punters following so many games across the world?

This is because there are a few games that are comparatively more profitable than others. With reliable online betting sites like Blue Bet offering excellent odds and promotions on various sports with good value, sports betting has now become a profitable domain if done correctly. 

So, what are the top sports that you can bet on without the fear of losing?

Horse Racing

If you play it right, horse racing is one of the best sports which can undoubtedly make you rich. One main reason for this is on par with football when it comes to popularity. It means greater opportunities for you to enjoy your share of profit through online betting.

When it comes to betting, even though football betting takes the spotlight, horse racing presents the punter with excellent winning alternatives to football betting. 

Horse racing lets you experience the thrill of the purest forms of sports betting, along with the option to be present at the live coverage when the race is taking place. 

Thanks to the unique and huge number of markets present, horse racing makes one of the best sports to bet on. 


With the Australian Football League (AFL) and Euro 2021 keeping the fans around the world on the edge of their seats, what else can be a better sport to bet on? For decades, football has garnered an ardent following of fans from throughout the world.

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There are many competing operators constantly raising the odds on different major events when it comes to online betting. 

With reliable betting sites like Blue Bet offering great bonus offers, great odds, and fantastic deals, there are high chances of you staying ahead in the game.


Basketball is another famous sport with a good following from countries across the world. Betting online on basketball can turn out to be one of the most thrilling endeavors. However, the timing plays a vital role in winning the bet.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) League is one of the most-watched tournaments in which lightning-fast game changes occur in the few critical minutes. 

This time sensitiveness of the game makes it an excellent option for various prop and live bets. 


In countries like Australia, the sport rugby is taken up with incredible passion by the sportsmen and the audience. Along with a passion for the game come unique propositions for online betting. 

A mix of tactics and physicality of watching the live game creates an excellent balance. When it comes to online betting in rugby leagues, seasoned bettors and rookies get to have a fair share of profit. 

While the experienced ones can choose thoughtful markets, the rookies can enter a simple betting site like Blue Bet to make their online bets on different contests in National Rugby League (NRL) and other tournaments. 

As rugby is a high-scoring game, you can also bask in opportunities on both over and under markets. 

When betting in any of these sports, always keep an eye out for odds. If the odds are low, things might slip away. So, no matter what the game is, choose an excellent online betting site that offers good odds. 

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