Ultimate Mexico’s Immex Program Registration Guide


Now that you have decided to launch your business operations in Mexico, you can only decide for the best way to get this done. Research is necessary to know the process of registering a business or a company in a foreign state. The IMMEX program can help you find easy way to register your manufacturing business in the region but only if you adhere to the terms and conditions that you are given and also get TACNA IMMEX Certification to ease your operations. Here are a few things that you should know about registering a manufacturing company in Mexico before you decide on commencing the process.

Tax declarations are ideal 

After you are done registering your business name, the next stage is ensuring you define its capital and furthermore submit the fiscal address of the company you are registering in Mexico. The tax ID can only be given after you submit your fiscal address before you are needed to deal with the tax declarations. Remember the power of attorney is very essential when you have to give your tax declarations. 

You have to register your employees 

The process of hiring employees can be slightly complicated but with the right guidance, you should push right through. What is expected of you is the registration of your employees with the National Workers Fund and the social security department. You can choose to research first on the legislation demands set by the Mexican government to help you oversee this procedure successfully. 

Immigration registration is necessary 

Did you know that there is a specific permit you ought to take for foreign employees that will be working in your new firm? Constancia de Emperador is the name of the permit you should be looking for from the immigration department especially when most of your employees will not have Mexican citizenship. You should also know that this permit has to be annually renewed after the submission of the annual financial statements. The permit will also need to be renewed in the event that the legal representative of the business changes or the fiscal address of the company changes. 

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Register with foreign investment 

Once you are done with the above requirements, you will also need to tackle your foreign business concerns by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Investment for the Mexican Government. This registration is only necessary if you are a foreigner with a nationality that is not Mexican. The process should take not more than 40 days to be processed before you are allowed to commence your operations in the country. You are however better off if you get professional help from those acquainted with the system to make it easy to move past all the stages involved in the procedure. 

Once you have ascertained and met the demands required from a foreign company to register and run operations in Mexico, you can easily finish up launching your company. It is ideal to get help from Mexicans who can help you penetrate not just the market but the source of raw materials and work force for your company.


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