Unforgettable Season 5 Cancelled

Unforgettable Season 5 Cancelled

In September 2011, CBS released the movie “Unforgettable,” which was produced by Ed Redlich and John Bellucci. Among the main characters in this crime drama series is Poppy Montgomery (who plays the role of Carrie Wells, who is also referred to as the Old Detective), Dylan Walsh (who plays both the lieutenant and the detective) as well as Kevin Rankin (who plays Roe Sanders, the Junior Detective). The principal characters are Britt Lower, Omar Metwally, and also Deanna Dunagan, who appear to be recurring characters in the series.

There is nothing too complicated about the puzzle drama at first glance, especially when the protagonist, detective Carrie Wells, introduces herself in the season 1 opening scene in the following manner: “I am Carrie Wells.” Only a few members of the entire world possess the capability to remember what they have done. I am one of those people who can remember what happened. 

Every night, I am deciding on what I will watch or learn, and I will tell you exactly what I watched or what I learned: experiences, discussions, and hints (which is very helpful if you are a fanatic). The first time I overlook something, it is fine for me to overlook it for the rest of my life. It is possible for me to return and appear back again in the future. There will be many memorable moments in my own life.”

It is important to note that the first season of the show was generally well-received. However, it was canceled in May 2012 after its renewal for a second season was first canceled. The next summer, CBS decided to take ownership of the string and acquire Season two of the show, all set to begin in the summer time of 2013, after they had picked up the string in June, the very same season. 

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Despite his promise, CBS continued to keep its promise and the second season of “Unforgettable” was indeed aired in July 2013 and only a few months after it aired, in September 2013, CBS announced that it would be revived for its third season. The show will be released outside in 2014. In spite of this, they were able to pinpoint the series by the end of October 2014. The show had also been presumed not to have any new episodes before A&E decided to pick it up for its fourth season back in February of this year.

According to the most recent reports regarding the play, it was canceled every year by A&E due to its low ratings. There also seems to be a tendency for them to remain glued to the choice until the end. There is, however, lots of evidence to suggest that A&E or another network will sooner or later select “Unforgettable” upward and then revive it for season five, if we consider the previously clarified discharge blueprint. 


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