Waterloo Council continues conversation on 2021 council meeting schedule


WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – The Waterloo City Council continues the conversation on changing their monthly meetings from four to just two meetings a month in 2021.

Council previously spoke on this fall of 2020, with Councilman Pat Morrissey the only councilman against the change.

The majority of council are in favor of a meeting change to two meetings per month.

Councilman Morrissey says the reducing of meetings per month will interfere with public input at each meeting.

“By doing some of the stuff that we’re doing here, we are diminishing our role as a legislative body for the City of Waterloo,” Morrissey said. “Part of that role is to afford the public as much as possible to speak their peace during our public meetings.”

In between each meeting, will be planning sessions and agenda due dates. Those in favor of the change say this would allow council members to review new agenda items.

“The public can always call us, send us emails, be in touch with us. So they’re not shutting down the opportunity to public input,” At-Large Councilwoman Sharon Juon said.

Mayor Quentin Hart says the proposed changes are what council members wanted. Kelly Felche the city clerk proposed to vote on the meeting change as earliest as Dec. 14th.

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Postponed Final Vote On Irv Warren Condominium Development

Waterloo City Council postponed the final approval for a five-unit condo development on Martin Rd. looking over Irv Warren Memorial Golf Gourse.

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The development was already approved by multiple departments through the city. Developer Jay Bullerman plans to develop the condos by replacing the duplex he already owns. Councilwoman Sharon Juon says the site is already town down, Bullerman plans to finish the construction on the condos by Dec. 2021.

Planning and Development Director Noel Anderson says he received one letter opposing the approval of the project. Anderson advised council to postpone the vote allowing more time for input.

“With the virtual meetings, I wouldn’t want a citizen to have been wanting to speak against this and didn’t have the opportunity or know how to do the Zoom meeting, so we should at least probably go to a second meeting,” Anderson said.

The condos will overlook the course’s seventh green. Leisure Services Director Paul Huting said an agreement amongst the tenants will protect golfers and the city from liability for damage caused by golf balls.

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