Waterloo Mom faces difficult holiday amid cancer diagnosis.

Blue folder with Cancer diagnosis

Kirsten and Tony Brandt face a tough reality this holiday season.

The Hudson and Grundy Center grads married in April of 2019 and had their first child, baby daughter, Lura, just a few months back.

A wonderful beginning for the Brandt family.

But, today, Kirsten and Tony find themselves in a battle they never expected.

25 year old Kirsten (formerly Kuehl) has been diagnosed with an aggressive stomach cancer, says Kirsten’s friend and former classmate, Alexis O’Shasky.

The cancer diagnosis came just three months after Kirsten gave birth to her daughter, Lura.

With Kirsten, Tony and Lura facing an uncertain future and a pile of medical expenses, Alexis has organized a Go Fund Me account, in an effort to help the Brandt family through this most difficult time.

It’s called Help Kirsten Kick Cancer, and here is the link to the effort, which began just a few hours ago.

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