The fire was one of the very first and greatest discoveries of humankind; but if not handled correctly, fire can turn out to be a dangerous thing. House fires are one of the most common disasters we may face in our day-to-day lives. Every year approximately 3500 people die in the US because of house fires. While we may be responsible for some of those, most house fires occur by accidents and are unpredictable. It may spread within seconds and put a lot of life in danger. We may not be able to stop this disaster from ever occurring, but we sure can stay prepared for it. It is a wise decision to prepare for any kind of disaster, as we never know when one will occur. A wireless photoelectric smoke detector can alert you about any potential fire-related accidents, even before it occurs. You should also keep smart sprinklers, fire extinguishers; and, have strategically placed emergency exits in your house.

Knowing about how different house fires occur can help spread awareness; so that, people can stay prepped for this kind of disasters. Some of the most common causes are –

Kitchen Fires

Most of the house fires that occur are from the kitchen. About 50% of all house fires start from some kind of kitchen accident. The pots on the stove may overheat, or any kitchen appliance may malfunction, causing a fire. Another cause of a kitchen fire is the grease that piles up over time. Grease can be extremely flammable. To decrease the chance of kitchen fires, the kitchen should be cleaned regularly and cooking shouldn’t be left unattended at any cost.

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Smoking is injurious to health in more than one ways. Yes, smoking harms your body and health but it can do more harm than that. Burning ashes and cigarette butts can start a fire without your knowledge and can create a serious problem. You should never smoke inside your home. It’s even better not to smoke at all.

Electrical Issues

Different electrical issues may cause a house fire. Either it can be a wiring issue, which may cause a short circuit; or, it can be an issue regarding the electrical appliances. Whatever the issue is, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Electric fires need to be handled with expertise. Pouring water can worsen a fire like this.


Candles are small fires themselves and certainly is no surprise that they can cause a fire as well. Candles should be handled with proper care. You shouldn’t put a burning candle anywhere near flammable objects. Using candleholders may decrease the chances of an accident.


Children are often mischievous and hard to manage. They are always curious. This curiosity may lead them to do many things, some of which may be harmful. For example, children are extremely curious about fires and technologies. As they do not know how everything works and what their action may lead to, they will make mistakes. Such mistakes may include creating an accidental fire. Therefore, children should be kept under supervision so that they don’t make such mistakes. However, that doesn’t mean putting a break to their curiosity. Let them explore the world, just under adult supervision.

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Every year house fires put many lives in danger and thus shouldn’t be neglected. Knowing the reasons that cause house fires will keep you alert and prepared in case an accident occurs. It will make you more aware of your actions and surroundings and possibly warn you before your house catches on fire.

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