iPhone’s IMEI Number: What Does It Have Any Importance?

what is imei number iphone

Today, nearly 96 percent of Americans have at minimum a phone. In addition, iPhones are now essential for every person.

But, iPhones have been a frequent target of looters as well as thieves because of its potential for resales. There are also times that you’ve lost it in a place. The loss of your beautiful iPhone can be a nightmare since your personal data could be stolen. This is when your IMEI number is there to your rescue. Your iPhone’s IMEI is more important than you imagine and we’ll explain the reason in the following section.

First, what is the IMEI Number and what is It used for?

In every country in the world, there is the threat of a worldwide wave of stolen and fraudulent phones that cost billions of dollars each year. Based on Apple, iPhone users unlock their phones up to 80 times per day. Therefore, it’s not unusual that iPhones are susceptible to thieves who steal phones.

Knowing the IMEI number of your iPhone is crucial in many instances. IMEI is an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a 15-digit number assigned to each iPhone. Also, the IMEI number is the phone’s security identification which differentiates it from all other phones that are available.

The iPhone’s IMEI number is unique and different from the SIM card or UICC. In essence, you can utilize the iPhone’s IMEI to locate or track your device regardless of the SIM card you have for it. If the iPhone you own is taken, and you are able to remove their SIM card from it, then you may erase or block your device remotely with Find My iPhone.

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Knowing your IMEI number can be useful for those looking to know everything about their devices, such as the manufacturing date as well as the status of the warranty, the status on the lock, or the iCloud activation lock.

How to find the iPhone’s IMEI number

There are a variety of methods to get the phone’s IMEI number. The most straightforward method is to utilize the Phone application. Here’s how to do it.

  • On your, iPhone Open the Keypad.
  • Then, type *#06#, and then your IMEI number will appear instantly on the screen.

The biggest drawback is that you cannot duplicate the number, which means you’ll need to record it and it can be a bit tiring.

Be aware that for older models such as iPhone 6, you should be aware that the IMEI number appears at the bottom of the iPhone.

Another way to find an IMEI number is to examine your SIM tray. For this, you will need the SIM tools to get rid of the SIM tray. You can see your IMEI number is on the back of the tray.

Additionally, an app called Settings app is an excellent alternative because it allows you to copy and paste the number and save it in a safe place. This is how you accomplish it:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select General > About.
  • Scroll down to locate the IMEI number. Scroll down to find the IMEI.

What is the significance of an IMEI matter?

An IMEI number is crucial to every iPhone user. In reality, it is easy to look up the IMEI number in order to learn more about the device. This is crucial when you are planning to purchase a used iPhone. If you purchase an iPhone which is tied with the original owner’s iCloud it’s an unusable paperweight.

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Contact your carrier and request an IMEI test or an alternative from a third party. Actually, the majority of all IMEI checkers available is completely free, however, there are some that charge hidden fees and scams, so beware.

iPhoneIMEI.net might be a suitable option for you if you’re searching for a third-party solution. They provide a free IMEI check with no charges and use only an IMEI number.

Find your IMEI number and type your IMEI number into the input box. It will take a few seconds before you will see all the information about your phone’s status displayed on the screen. From here, you’ll be in a position to determine if your iPhone is connected to the former owner’s iCloud. In this instance, try calling the old owner to ask for them to unsubscribe from their account via remote.

If your device has been lost or stolen, call your carrier. Then provide the carrier with your IMEI number, and request the carrier to include your device on the gray list in the IMEI database, so that they are able to track your device, and even block it which will prevent any unauthorized access.

The Bottom Line

The IMEI number is crucial. Therefore, it’s better to get access to the iPhone’s IMEI number. In the future, as more and more people are aware of what an IMEI number does, iPhone thieves won’t stand an opportunity against us today.


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