What to Do After Pest Control Treatments


Finding out that you have a pest infestation at your property can be really stressful but it’s something pretty common even nowadays. Insects such as cockroaches, spiders and ants or rodents like rats and mice can be really dangerous as they may carry infections. 

The best thing to do when you’re facing a pest infestation at home is to call a licensed local pest exterminator who knows the specifics of dealing with different types of insects and rodents. They will deal with the menace professionally using the right techniques and pesticides depending on the type of infestation. 

So, the easy part is done – you’ve called a professional pest exterminator and they’ve treated your place. What should you do now? Clean your entire home from top to bottom? But when is it appropriate? Do sprayed detergents need time to sit and do their job? How much time? Here are some answers to clarify the steps of what you should do after pest control treatments. 


The first thing you’ll need to do is to wait. Depending on the pest infestation and the required treatment you may need to vacate your place for some time until the pesticides do their job and the property is safe to return to. The professional exterminator will instruct you on how much time exactly will the treatment need to be effective. 

Exposed Food

You will need to dispose of any food that has even the smallest chance of being exposed to the pesticides used in the treatment. Remember, this is crucial as certain pest solutions can be really dangerous for you, your family and pets. Get rid of food that might be exposed even if the treatment is done using organic, eco-friendly and natural chemicals as you wouldn’t want to take the risk of exposing yourself to something that has the intention to get rid of pests permanently. 

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Make sure to remove any paper, especially paper grocery bags as some pests tend to feed on them. Dispose of any old magazines and newspapers, wet papers and brown carry bags. 


The first thing to remember is – do not to rush to thoroughly clean your home. The professional exterminator would advise you of the proper time frame you should wait to pass before getting the mop to wipe clean everything so the treatment would be effective. The general advice is to wait for a week. After that, do not be so thorough especially on some corners and specific areas which may reduce the treatments’ effectiveness. 


It’s important to know that in the next few days following the treatment, you will keep finding dead pests around your place. What you should do is to keep clean the places where they most commonly appear as dead pests usually attract other pests and your problem may reappear. 

In conclusion, always consult with your pest controller on what your next steps should be as the professionals are the best source of accurate information on how to care for your home after pest treatments. Relying on local pest exterminators, such as this pest control company in Walthamstow, makes the process easier and more convenient as you can easily reach out to them if you have any further questions or need to redo the treatment.


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