What To Know Before Riding Your Bike on Campus


Biking around your college campus is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, stay in shape and ensure you’re never late for class. Some campuses are less centralized than others and often take several minutes to travel between classes, but bike-friendly campuses include more bike lanes, bicycle racks, and safer intersections. Although cycling is one of the most efficient means to travel, you have to be on your guard to stay safe and avoid injuries. You can examine tips on biking on campus and answers to common questions like how long do ebike batteries last in these passages.

Tips for Riding Through Campus

Most campuses allow vehicle traffic, pedestrian travel, and biking, but you have to proceed with caution to travel safely and avoid accidents. When you follow these tips, you can cycle with confidence.

Maintain and Repair Your Bike

Whether you’re browsing at mountain bikes or the best electric bikes 2021, bike maintenance is essential for riding around campus. Before each ride, check your brakes and tire pressure. Brakes are one of the most important components when you’re traveling around a crowd of unpredictable students and drivers. Check the pads, discs, and levers for wear and replace the parts when you notice your braking power is declining. Keep the tires inflated and oil your chain regularly.

When you own an e-bike, you have to follow the same service requirements as a standard bicycle, but you also have to care for the battery. Batteries can last up to five years, but you can extend the service life by removing the battery whenever you lock up the bike.

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Stay Alert and Aware of Your Surroundings

Although pedestrians and bikers have the right of way in most situations dealing with vehicle traffic, some drivers do not obey the rules. Be careful when a car is making a quick turn beside you or in front of you, and try to stay calm when someone cuts you off or performs a reckless act.

Store Your Headphones and Devices

When you’re riding through campus on a nice day, it’s tempting to listen to your favorite tunes. However, you need all of your senses to function at full capacity when you’re maneuvering around a busy street. Store your headphones and wait until you’re on foot before playing your theme music.

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What Bike Is Best for Riding your Campus

Choosing the perfect bike for your college jaunts depends on the area’s topography, climate, and whether your school is one of the bike-friendly college campuses. For locations with hilly terrain, you can choose a bike with multiple gears to make climbs easier, but a cruiser, hybrid, or street bike is ideal for flat landscapes. If you plan on traveling on multiple services, including light off-road trails, you can purchase a mountain bike or hybrid model. Premium-level mountain bikes are better suited for mountain trails, but entry-level models are perfect for college campuses.

If you live in a city with abundant snowfall, you can ride a fat tire bike to maneuver safely through the snow. Street bikes and hybrids are challenging and hazardous to ride on ice and snow.

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Selecting a bike for the campus is not easy with so many options, but with the previous advice, you should be able to narrow your search. For the latest bicycle and e-bike releases, biking equipment, and supplies, you can visit a trusted online bike merchant.

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