What You Need to Know About Solar Generator Power Stations


Curious what types of alternative energy you can use in case of an emergency? Or maybe you’re wondering the basics of a solar generator and how they can help you out. 

Though solar generators can be a life-saver in emergencies, are they worth it? Learn the pros and cons of using solar generators and saving on gas-powered electricity. 

This quick guide will give you the run-down on these more eco-friendly generators and when to invest in one.

What Is a Solar Generator? 

A solar generator is simple: it gets its power from the sun. These generators work through the use of solar panels that transfer heat and light from the sun into useable energy. 

Luckily, you don’t have to use the energy immediately. The power is stored in a battery that you can take on the go and use later. 

You can pack the batteries with you on a camping trip or use them as back-up at home. 

How Do Solar Generators Work? 

Solar generators use a solar power station to charge up. Solar panels are connected to a charge controller. Some solar panels are even portable so you can have an endless flow of solar energy on the go. 

After the solar energy is captured in the panels, it travels to the charge controller. The charge controller and battery are directly connected and work together to store the energy. 

The charge controller is important in regulating the energy delivered to the battery. This way, the battery is not overloaded and works to efficiently store energy. Long term, the charge controller helps keep your battery healthy and reduces maintenance costs. 

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The battery is connected to the inverter. This aspect of the power station is what converts the solar energy to useable energy. The inverter will also track your voltage, analyzing how much energy is taken in through the solar panels. 

Then, you hook your items up to the inverter to start soaking up the solar energy! 

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Solar Generator Investment

When using a solar generator, you can feel good about the power you are using. But remember, using a solar generator is more than just having a solar power bank at your fingertips. 

When considering a solar generator, keep in mind the cost of a solar power station, too. An entire power station requires a high initial investment cost. Solar power also takes a slower charge time than other types of power.

Why Get a Solar Generator?

So, when should you invest in a solar generator? 

There are many reasons to purchase a solar generator from charging your laptop to powering up your RV. Solar generators are great for providing emergency solar power and help cut down on usage of non-renewable power sources. 

If you’re planning a cross-country road trip with an RV or camper, it may be worth your while to invest in a solar generator. The Bluetti AC200P is a great option for those looking to fill large solar-power needs. 

Ready to Invest? 

Are you ready to invest in a solar generator for yourself? These power stations will ensure you live eco-friendly and smart even on the go! 

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