Why brand advertising is the next best thing on TikTok

Kids and adolescents comprise the largest demographic profile on TikTok platform.  The unlimited opportunity of expressing oneself through fun and entertainment videos that has lip-syncing, dancing and comedy as its main theme.

Some innovative features like background music, creative filters, tagging, and discovering content through #Hashtags and the viral nature of TikTok has received plenty of appreciation from users. The option to buy TikTok likes from legit sources has also made the video owners to become popular instantly.

The demographic profile shows nearly equal numbers of males and females using this platform apart from the maximum usage in the 16 to 24 years age group. Asian pacific region accounts for the maximum use of this platform.

Future projection

Irrespective of the demographic results so far, TikTok is poised to be the next Instagram or Twitter. This social medium has shown impressive growth in the shortest time since its inception with more than 500 million and more than 1.65 billion downloads.  This is a huge index for users but the advertising potential is still at a nascent stage. Since this social media platform has not shown any signs of stagnation and continuously growing, with Amazon reportedly interested in buying it out from the present owners. This can impact the entire social media industry as the spread to Europe and America looks extremely bright.

What does it then hold for the business community on this platform?  Already there are many other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn which cater to brand advertising. Leaving aside the technical aspects of the TikTok platform for the moment where more dependency is on creating self-serve advertisement videos and influencer marketing.

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Community Building

The community-building aspect of Tiktok is already a potential advertising channel for brands. As digital socializing is changing from individual to group, many businesses are already seeing this change as a huge shift where like-minded people engage and build community projects.


The new generation is impatient and does not like invasive advertising. The majority of them block advertisements while browsing by using ad blockers. They have their mind and would prefer to see ads at their convenience. Brands are now building stories around their products and include the audience in the community. This is more appreciated by the youngsters. This shift in trend makes TikTok an ideal platform for brands to have their channel and create contents to suit the audience.

User Generated contents

Tiktok’s focus on user-generated content gives it an advantage over fake marketing. Consumers prefer to deal only with trusted brands and authenticity is the foremost requirement.  Tiktoks policy of ensuring authentic and permissible contents, rather than marketing strategies makes it ideal for a platform for brand advertising.Social media works on what is trending. To be quick and cost-effective is the requirement when it comes to making an impact. If the brand is relevant to anything trending, it drives maximum engagement. This is where TikTok is the right medium where they get users giving quick and relevant content, even if it is raw but on the right side. This advertising strategy used by influencers like SocialGreg works effectively and just like it has worked so far with Twitter.

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