Why is it that only the King of Hearts doesn’t have mustache?

Why is it that only the King of Hearts

In the minds of some people, this is just one of the handmade cards that have an image of a warrior. However, it is actually a portrait of Charles the really wonderful, but in graphics, he had given the beard and mustache completely.

One of the kings of hearts from the deck of cards is the only one without a mustache. There is no doubt that there are some theories that are true at the moment.

There is a top concept now that represents this card being designed as a part of a poem that has been written.

There is actually really a king when you are up in a moment like this.

A legend about the English king claims that he had four sons, whom he intended to divide the kingdom among them. Other than one son who had a mustache, most of the sons had beards.

Due to this, he had musicians paint all the sons of the king, and he then wrote a poem about “commemorating the odd king” from the inheritance, and stating that he thought the “bare-faced” child might remain poor.

Possibly that isn’t authentic but is regarded as the source of this idea that there are three sins associated with using a mustache along with you being amongst them.

Alexander the Great and Charles the Great

It is well known that there are some people who believe that awful media is the culprit as a result of its “peculiar” warrior concept, the fact that he had mustaches at the start, as well as he had lost them as a result of terrible media. These sins can be traced back to several ancient characters of the past, such as Alexander the Great and Charles the Fantastic, which showed several sources of their sins. Additionally, it has been stated the king of these hearts is the next person in line, but in the paintings, he can be seen with a full beard and mustache, which makes him appear like the king of these hearts.

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The matches that are commonly used in Britain today derive from the early French matches, which were known as early as the sixteenth century. In order to meet the specifications of mass production, the oldest cards were first produced with wooden cubes in order to make them more durable.


It seems that one notion has been repeated all over again, claiming that the club and spade in the diamond have all been related to all the corruption of riches, death, and war in the world. However, the other side of that coin is the fact that the core of human anatomy is sterile open and will not accept anything that has been manufactured by humans — so, that’s why we have a tribe of hearts that are all shaved to a point of bareness.


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