Why Should You Choose Mailroom and Dispatch by PackageX for Your Business?


Have you ever managed a team, department, or business? If yes, you are most likely to be familiar with the various inefficacies and bottlenecks.

It is imminent that all areas within your organization are likely to have one – including your mailroom. You may not be aware that the issues you incur could be one of the biggest challenges your business might be facing if you do not have efficient mailroom management software?

Now that the world is coming back to normal and all the staff is working in the house, the mailroom serves as a ‘much-needed option for most employees. Similarly, when offices are closed, or people opt for remote working, the mailroom becomes a major barrier. It not only delays the delivery of important communication to the right individual but also hampers communication.

Companies focus a lot on improving efficiency, and they are now comfortable with adopting flexible or location-free working environments. However, when a business decides to opt for a digital transformation of its processes, mailroom management is often neglected.

In today’s time, businesses are more inclined towards digitalizing their mailrooms in order to solve the traditional mailroom challenges. This not only helps them save a lot of time and resources but enhances productivity and stays ahead of the curve.

Let’s see how modern solutions such as Mailroom and Dispatch by PackageX are good options for your business.

Mailroom by PackageX

The mailroom has made it easier for all types and sizes of businesses when it comes to handling and managing their mails. Offering a broad range of features and benefits, the mailroom management software has really made it convenient to process deliveries and packages.

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But how does Mailroom by PackageX helps organizations process their day-to-day mails? Here are some of the features this tool offers to businesses.

  • No manual data entry required
  • Digitalize your mailroom management
  • Automated notification and reminders
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Contactless pickup
  • The safe and secure delivery mechanism

Well, managing a mailroom has never been easier for mailroom operators in an organization. With employees waiting to receive their package on a daily basis, mailroom staff can now easily ensure all recipients are notified about their packages as soon as they are delivered and available for pickup.

This is not it! Here is how companies are utilizing Mailroom by PackageX to streamline their mail needs.

  • Zero Manual Sorting Required: Using the latest technology, this mailroom management solutions remove the need to manually sort inbound mail. The AI technology recognizes different mail and sorts them in different document types.
  • Quick and Efficient Process: With Mailroom by PackageX, you deliver mail to recipients faster. A digital mailroom not only removes manual data entry but manual sorting as well, which makes it quick and fast for mailroom staff to notify recipients about their packages.
  • Data Security and Accessibility: A digital mailroom means all packages (whether letters or online orders) are not lost or stolen. Mailroom by PackageX creates and maintains a digital delivery log of all inbound and outbound mails. Furthermore, it enables accessing documents from any location.

Who Uses It?

The mailroom has become an essential need for all types of businesses who are looking for hassle-free and efficient mail and package management. From corporate offices to educational institutes, real estate, and hotels – it is a versatile solution customizable to match the unique requirements of businesses. Companies are now relying on Mailroom by PackageX to accelerate their growth and hit newer horizons of success.

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Dispatch by PackageX

Is your business heavily dependent on same-day shipping? Do higher shipping rates make it difficult for you to sustain? Dispatch by PackageX is a one-of-a-kind tool working closely with couriers and retailers to meet your package shipment needs.

So, how is Dispatch helpful to organizations in these times?

It is a simple and cost-effective solution helping businesses keep track of your in-progress and scheduled outbound mails. Some of the features include:

  • Same-day shipping at best prices
  • Shipment tracking
  • Quick address verification
  • Generate shipping labels at a discounted rate

Dispatch by PackageX has bridged the gap between on-demand and traditional courier and shipping services that work with the retailer to fulfill their shipping requirements. Offering better prices and same-day shipping, Dispatch has taken the industry by storm.

In case you are wondering how this tool will benefit your business, keep reading!

  • Shipment Tracking: No matter if you are sending or receiving a package, Dispatch provides real-time shipment tracking to maintain transparency and offer customers peace of mind. The tracking becomes available once the package is shipped.
  • Accurate and Timely Deliveries: How many times has your business experienced delayed deliveries due to the wrong address? A digital solution such as Dispatch offers quick address verification, ensuring you never send a parcel to a wrong address. Now, verify the customer’s address at no added cost and ensure timely delivery.
  • Same Day Shipping: That is all we want! Customers anticipate receiving the parcel as soon as they place an order. And offering same-day shipping is a great way to make them happy. Dispatch by PackageX works with a network of couriers providing same-day shipping nationwide at the cheapest shipping rates.
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Who Uses It?

Dispatch by PackageX is mainly used by retailers and couriers who have a high influx of orders and want to make same-day shipping. These businesses use the shipping management software to ensure they get every delivery right to ensure customer satisfaction.


For businesses, a digital mailroom is an ultimate solution to many of their existing mail and package problems. It may not sound easy to convert an entire department that runs on paper to go entirely paperless. But, streamlining your mail management needs using Mailroom and Dispatch can do wonders in the long run. 


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