Finding the best country to undertake a surrogacy process in may be difficult if you don’t even know where is the starting point. What are the aspects to pay attention to? What is the law in a chosen country? How does it apply to the approach of a particular clinic? These confusing questions only emphasize how important it is to have reliable guidance in this matter.

This advice becomes even more valuable if you are thinking of surrogacy in Mexico. Luckily, there are surrogacy agencies out there you can trust. One of them is the World Center of Baby where every intricacy of surrogacy in Mexico is explained in easy terms.

Surrogacy in Mexico Advantages

Surrogacy law in Mexico is designed to appeal to a wide range of intended parents. Whether you are heterosexual, gay, or single IPs, surrogacy is available for everyone everywhere in Mexico excluding Tabasko state and it is such a simple but perfect legal feature.

Then, there is an important safety feature with birth certificates. According to the surrogacy law in Mexico, birth certificates specify the names of both intended parents upon the child’s birth. What is more important, Mexican surrogacy legislation only allows gestational surrogacy. Since the surrogate mother is not biologically related to the baby, she is deprived of the right to lay up a claim on the baby. Thus, intended parents can rest assured that they are protected by Mexican legislation from all sides. As a bonus given by surrogacy in Mexico, the IPs can also receive a Mexican passport for their child if the birth takes place in this country.

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All things considered, Mexican law is quite flexible so that a variety of types of IPs can start a surrogacy process, no matter what their marital status or gender is, which is another convenient feature for surrogacy in this country.

In Case You are Still Uncertain…

While the advantages of surrogacy in Mexico may persuade a lot of intended parents to choose this country, they still have to be aware of any risks that may come from any direction. Managing to figure it out by yourselves is great but it is always advisable to refer to professionals. Such an experienced surrogacy agency in Mexico as World Center of Baby can ensure your smoothest and safest way to becoming parents.

If you have more questions, check out the WCOB website where you can apply for a consultation with our medical experts.

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