Why the cost of rekeying the locks is less?

Why the cost of rekeying the locks is less?

Are you also under the assumption that the cost to rekey locks is too high? Or do you feel that rekeying the locks is unnecessary no matter what the price is? There are situations where rekeying locks becomes necessary, such as when you purchase a new property, find a breach in your security, or when you lose your keys.

Rekeying changes the codes of your current security system without having to replace the system. Even though certain situations will require you to install new locks, rekeying has multiple benefits.

In this article, we will take a look at the top benefits of rekeying your locks! Keep reading!

Benefits of rekeying the locks

1. Caters to all kinds of situations

When you purchase a new property, it is essential to install new locks so that anyone in possession of old keys cannot get access to your new home.

Even if the construction is new, you must change the locks when you get possession. Contractors usually have copies of keys to access your property, and you do not want to take the risk of anyone getting their hands on them.

If you are shifting to a brand new home, there is no requirement to replace the locks. Rekeying is your only option here.

2. Security breaches are immediately fixed

Rekeying does not require changing the complete security hardware. There is no need to waste time selecting new security hardware or locks under a security breach. Instead, opt for rekeying, a process that takes no more than 15 minutes.

If you are concerned about compromised security due to a misplaced or lost key, rekeying will immediately fix the issue. Locksmiths usually offer same-day appointments, and there is no need to wait for new security systems to arrive. Besides, you will get the ease of mind that your security is intact. Get yourself a Locksmith Windsor.

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3. You do not need to buy new hardware

If you are satisfied with your present security system but worried about potential breaches, rekeying is the solution. The process lets you set new pins, but the hardware remains the same.

Rekeying makes fixing security issues an easy process. You save time spent on searching for safe locks to choose the one that will fit your home.

So, if your present locks work fine and offer security, keep them intact and opt for rekeying instead.  This way, the aesthetics of your home will remain the same.

4. Rekeying is cost-effective

Rekeying locks price is inexpensive in the long run. If you compare the cost of changing the locks with rekeying them, you would be surprised at the difference.

An alternative to rekeying is replacing your security system, which requires a considerable investment. On the other hand, rekeying involves setting new pin codes.

Moreover, changing security systems and hardware requires labor. If you seek the services of a professional security company, you will be paying them a lot of money for their time in addition to purchasing new locks.

All in all, you will be saving a lot of money by opting for rekeying.

5. Rekeying allows you to set custom locks

If you purchase the new locks system or hardware, it will come with a general code, making it less secure. On the other hand, if you rekey your locks, you can easily set a custom pin code to secure a customized safety. Custom locks, no doubt, are safer than the generic locks available in the market.

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6. You can opt for the master key solution by rekeying

Rekeying is to secure a master key lock system for your home, office, or any property. The master key provides a single key security system, safer than all other kinds of security systems.  You will own a single key that can access your home ensuring convenience in addition to safety. Besides, you will remain away from the hassle of keeping all the keys safe in one place.

7. Rekeying lets you change your locks frequently

The main benefit of rekeying is you can do it as many times as you feel necessary. If you are someone who changes their locks often, then rekeying is an easy solution. If you own a company and hire new employees frequently, rekeying your office is an effective way to maintain security. Or, if you are a landlord, rekeying your place each time a tenant leaves is an ideal security solution.

Cost to Rekey Locks is simple, convenient, and cheap; hence it is the best option if there is a need to change locks frequently.

In The End

Inevitably, rekeying is a better and inexpensive way to ensure your home’s or office’s safety. At the same time, the process is not labor-intensive nor time-consuming. You will save money, time, and labor costs simply by opting for rekeying your locks rather than replacing them.


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