Why You Should Consider Working With A Recruitment Agency To Find Your Next Job


Working with a recruitment agency opens up a whole new approach to finding your next job, giving you a greater chance of finding the position of your dreams. It can provide a far greater range of opportunities and specialist advice than is achievable when doing it alone.

Recruitment agencies can help.

Here are some ways teaming with a recruitment agency for your job search is a good idea.

  • Identify a broader range of roles within areas you are considering
  • Identify opportunities and career paths that you may be suitable for but have not considered
  • Find jobs not advertised outside of recruitment agencies
  • Create or improve your curriculum vitae (CV) so that you stand the best chance of getting an interview.
  • Get a head start in the application process by their recommendation of putting you forward for the role.
  • Stay proactive in your job search, as they will continually lookout for suitable positions on your behalf.
  • Learn appropriate interview techniques and adapt your approach to your desired role.
  • Understand and learn from constructive feedback if you are unsuccessful in securing the position.
  • Learn more about your sector if you work with a specialist recruitment agency; they will be up-to-date on who gets the jobs and why.
  • Get ahead of the data-driven recruitment processes that block many suitable candidates through a personal introduction.

Should you seek a specialist agency?

Some employment agencies cover vacancies across all sectors, which can be beneficial if your skills are relevant in various industries or you haven’t found your niche and are open to opportunities. However, for those requiring roles in a specific sector, you may find a better fit using a specialist recruitment agency working with companies most likely to meet your job search. This can be especially beneficial when looking for employment opportunities within the IT, data and technology sectors, approaching a specialist recruitment agency such as Agile Recruit to be sure you are getting in front of the right people.

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No downside to teaming up with a recruitment consultancy

There really isn’t a downside to working with an agency to find a job. It doesn’t limit you from looking for employment vacancies yourself, but it can undoubtedly bring you knowledge and opportunities you could miss if you don’t.

Staying in touch with your chosen recruitment agencies will help you stay at the forefront of their mind and show your keenness so that they are more likely to remember you when a suitable role arises. Recruitment consultants will be aware of market salaries and can help you negotiate the best salary and contract terms. A recruitment agency will also be able to help you determine which job offer is likely best for when you have a choice of offers.

With many companies worried about being overloaded with applicants for a position when they advertise a job vacancy, many choose to limit this possibility by only working with recruitment agencies to regulate the number of candidates they have to consider. If the job isn’t publicly advertised, not working with a recruitment agency could cause you to miss the perfect career move.

It’s also worth noting that for many, the fear of looking for another job whilst working for a competitor is the risk of jeopardising their current position. A recruitment agency can offer a level of invisibility that keeps your job search confidential in the early stages, which will help you to progress to a point in employment procurement where anonymity is less of an issue.

Recruitment agencies can advise on training and career development to enhance your employment prospects, secure your next role and make longer-term career goals achievable.

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