Xiaomi’s waterfall display on all four edges – A new concept for phone

xiaomi waterfall

Xiaomi has announced its latest and one of the best phone concepts and that is quad-curved waterfall display.

What actually this quad-curved waterfall display means?

It means that the phone’s screen has deep 88-degree “waterfall” curves on the left and right sides. Also, it has the similar curves on the top and bottom as well which leaves no space for ports or buttons. Xiaomi stated that it is intended to “extend the limits of the display to infinity” and qualify “a true, port-free sleek and unibody design.”

Quad-curved waterfall display – Will it work?

Will it possibly work aka.ms/remoteconnect at the screen’s corners? This question arises based on the promotional imagery but Xiaomi is simply leaving smartphones blank with small and rounded cutouts. It needs a neat trick for people who already do not like the latest curved displays on phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. For some people it is a very good concept that tells it actually exists and worth as well. According to Xiaomi, the display is the result of “countless breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology.”

Quad-curved waterfall display concept follows “Mi Air Charge” truly wireless charging system. In 2019, Xiaomi revealed the Mi Mix Alpha phone which featured a display wrapped around the entire device but the phone never went on sale. It is the latest concept that was never made into a commercially available device.

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